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David Copperfield Las Vegas

July 8, 2014

Since I was a child, I have always known almost only one Magician. Whenever anyone mentions magic, without any further ado, my thoughts immediately shift to David Copperfield.  Without a doubt, the opportunity of being able to see him in person recently at the MGM Grand in Vegas was definitely a privilege for myself!

He may not look like how I used to remember him, watching him on telly when I was a child. Copperfield looked much older but his illusions is what matters. He was still as charming as ever! 😛 It was a very interactive show as Copperfield interacted with the audience, performing some of his classics and more. There’s just something entertaining about watching his illusionary performances, even if it means it’s not really truly MAGIC, it is still worthwhile and entertaining!

On the whole, i felt the David Copperfield Show was worth watching as it was sort of allowed me to relive those childhood ‘hallucinations’ of trying to perform magic and somehow being able to perform magic back then! I wished I could have video-ed some parts of his performance for keepsakes but as usual, photography rules have to be respected! 

Nevertheless, I have these shots as a souvenir. Well, some things are just not meant to be photographed but just remembered and reminisced upon I guess!

David Copperfield at the MGM Grand

David Copperfield at the MGM Grand

The best magician of all times!

The best magician of all times!



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