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Sakina Thai Cuisine Las Vegas

July 8, 2014

When I was in Vegas, it was such a joy to have discovered Sakina Thai Cuisine Las Vegas. Last thing to expect for is a Halal Thai Cuisine to exist in a dessert area like Vegas! When I first stepped into Sakina Thai, I told myself not to expect for too much and to just be happy with what was going to be served – when I travel, as long as I discover Halal food, I can be quite forgiving as to how the taste may be, as long as my tummy is filled, I am usually happy. 

I love Thai food BUT I am very picky too when it comes to the quality and taste of the food -most Thai Cuisines that I have stumbled upon on my travels have always been over done or under done with the exception of a few. 

Upon looking through the menu at Sakina Thai, I must say I was quite impressed on the variety of items they had on the menu. As the food was being served, I could somewhat feel that there was some form of authenticity, judging from the presentation. Then, when I tasted the food, i went like: BINGO!!!!!! I was super impressed!

The Tom Yam soup was just nice, not too salty and actually tasted like Tom Yam Soup and  not just some lemon grass soup. The Glass Noodle Salad was very refreshing and not too much Fish Sauce. The Basil Beef Fried Rice was deliciously yummy and not soaking in oil. The Pad Thai is one of the most authentic Pad Thais I’ve ever had in my passion for Thai Cuisine. 

One thing I did not get to try though was the desserts, which would definitely be on my list if I am ever back in Vegas!

Best Tomyam I've had outside of Southeast Asia

Best Tomyam I’ve had outside of Southeast Asia

Yum Woonsen, Glass Noodle Salad - best I've ever had!

Yum Woonsen, Glass Noodle Salad – best I’ve ever had!

Sakina Thai Pad Thai

Sakina Thai Pad Thai

Basil Beef Fried Rice

Basil Beef Fried Rice

Sakina Thai Las Vegas

Sakina Thai Las Vegas

The flavours of the dishes at Sakina Thai were just so authentic and original – very close to the actual dishes served back in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Very very impressive. The cuisine at Sakina Thai was just perfect for Vegas’ warm weather. I ended up going to Sakina Thai 3 out of the 5 days I was in Vegas – even twice on my last day there, for lunch and also to get some take-out for my dinner before I flew back to Toronto. 

Apart from the food, the female staff was very friendly and polite and the surroundings of the restaurant was also decently clean and neat. Also, they are opened 7 days a week! Prices of the food are also very reasonable. I hope Sakina Thai continues to do well in terms of business and if you are eve in Vegas, do pop by for a visit – you won’t regret it!

I would give Sakinah Thai a full 5 stars, from service to quality of food dine-in and take-out. If you’re looking to head over to Sakina Thai, they are located at: 4251 West Sahara Avenue,Las Vegas, NV89102, USA. Phone: 702-754 4999 Website:

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