Hello World!
I’m The Fabulous Rat, also known as Bea, around loved ones, on a more loving note ♥ ♥ ♥
I have a deep passion for writing. I write about all that inspires me. I write with my heart. I write to allow all that inspires to be transpired, as I aspire.  
I write about my food ideas. I write reviews about good food, nice things and beautiful places. I write about the simple pleasures of life & the complications of life. 
I write for a cause. I write to appreciate. I write as a gesture of my appreciation for food, people & everything around me, as a form of appreciation for all that HE has given me in appreciation of the world. I write to rebuild on that slowly diminishing element of appreciation, in this crazy, somewhat beautiful world. I write to share with the world.
For writing collaborations, email: suhaila@suhaila.net


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