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    Cirque Du Soleil, Kurios, Toronto

    October 23, 2014

    My second Cirque Du Soleil show, Kurios was filled with many moments of ‘Kuriosity’ throughout the 2 hours. Unlike ‘O’, Kurios, cabinet of curiosities is full of acrobatic stunts, nerve wrecking, bold acrobatic stunts which left the audience watching the show with open mouths. Each time a nerve wrecking move is about to happen, the audience will go “ooooooh” and “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”. A show filled with many silences – short, nerve wrecking silences, followed by rounds of applause (after each bold acrobatic stunt) almost continuously throughout the 2 hours. 

    It is so amazing how Cirque Du Soleil shows are able to engage audience without the use of words or formal language at all. For those who are interested, Kurios is now showing at: The Portlands, Toronto and has several upcoming shows in major cities like: San Francisco, Seattle, Calgary and Denver. Kurios is definitely another must watch show by Cirque Du Soleil, definitely a cabinet full of nerve wrecking curiosities!

    On a personal note, yours truly is definitely looking forward to yet another Cirque Du Soleil Show! Soon hopefully!

    The Kurios show grounds at  Toronto, Portlands

    The Kurios show grounds at Toronto, Portlands

    Kurios entrance

    Kurios entrance

    The stage, all calm before the nerve-wrecking storm

    The stage, all calm before the nerve-wrecking storm


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