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    Meyer Open Stirfry Pan

    October 18, 2015

    As much as I love my Le Creusets and Kitchen Aids, I love my basics, just as much 🙂 The basics in my kitchen include several frying pans by Meyer. In fact, Meyer pans have been involved in my cooking adventures, one way or another. Regardless of which part of the world I may be living at, there is at least one Meyer pan as part of my kitchen pans/woks collection. 

    From the first time I have been in the kitchen (in my mommy’s kitchen) till today, when it comes to making stir fries, I can still vividly recall using Meyer pans. In fact, my mommy trusts her Meyer pans so much that, each time we go to the department stores, we just cannot go past them. 
    meyer1Price wise, Meyer pans and woks are available in a huge range of very reasonable prices, from as low as $20! Certainly worth an investment. The non stick coating is definitely one of the best in town! If you are looking for a good pan for stir fry, Meyer is the way to go! Each time I make my stirfries, especially  favourite Nasi Goreng, amidst all my other pans, my non-stick Meyer open stir fry beckons! meyer2

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