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    D’Tandoor South Perth

    May 20, 2015

    D’tandoor South Perth is a little Indian Restaurant located at 7/35 Mends Street South Perth. As a restaurant that offers Halal Indian food in Perth, D’Tandoor South Perth has a character of its own, while it serves many mouthwatering dishes, mainly that of the North Indian Cuisine. The location and very authentic quality and flavours in the North Indian Cuisine served at D’Tandoor South Perth, somewhat makes up for the slightly higher prices. Then again, cost of food at Indian Restaurants in Perth, overall, have somehow blown out of proportion over the years. Some main dishes at these restaurants, can somehow make up for a good meal, for a family of four when dining in at home. 
    dtandoor1Then again, I shall not complain. Like I said, when you get desperate and have that sudden craving for North Indian Cuisine, (like what happened to me quite recently), when the palette starts ruling over the heart and head, you would then just GO and GET IT 😉 Well, at least at D’Tandoor South Perth, the flavours do not disappoint. Myself and J had the Briyani rice, which we would normally would pay for half the price on a  normal day in Toronto 😉 . We had a vegetable dish and also the Chicken Tikka Masala. All the dishes did not disappoint, so that’s somehow worth the money spent.

    Briyani rice was done very well, no soggy rice, in fact, very fresh, delicious and done to perfection. The vegetable dish was done well too. I could taste the freshness of the vegetables, unlike in other Indian Restaurants, where a whole lot of frozen vegetables is dumped into a curry base! (I only speak from experience 🙂 ) dtandoor2The Chicken Tikka Masala was still very much authentic, unlike in some other Indian restaurants around Perth, where the flavours are somehow modified to suit the Australian palette, resulting in what I would call an “Aussie-Curry”. In no way do I mean to discriminate. Just that it is rather hard to find good Indian Food, which is not modified in Perth; especially after having been in a big multicultural city like Toronto, where the authenticity in the different multi-cultural cuisines are still somewhat very much preserved – Oh Toronto……you are simply amazing!!!♥♥♥dtandoor3Overall, D’Tandoor South Perth still sticks to the authenticity of its dishes – an important element which is lacking from most Indian Restaurants around Perth – Well Done! So, if you are after that authentic North Indian Cuisine, head on over to D’Tandoor South Perth. With an international franchise of restaurants available in several other parts of the world, D’Tandoor South Perth particularly remains one of Perth’s best Indian Restaurants. To learn more about other mouth watering dishes at D’Tandoor, visit, their international Website here.

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