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    NYC2 – An Easier 2nd Encounter

    December 12, 2012

    It was definitely a more relieving trip this time round. We left via Pearson International Airport, instead of the City Airport, which also meant we cleared the US border even before we board the plane in Toronto.

    We arrived in Newark airport which is slightly nearer to NYC. We got our Limo service from the same previous Limo company. We also stayed at the same hotel. We decided to go with the same people only because we’ve had good previous experiences with them.

    We met up with cousins who were there on holidays- it was a short but truly enjoyable weekend. It was a more relaxed trip somewhat this time round, probably because it wasn’t our first time.

    I managed to visit AG jeans again!! And we managed to catch LionKing at Broadway!! I just love Broadway shows!!
    We did things which we missed out the last time when we had to rush off due to Sandy. The Mister got his cheesecake, which he did not get the previous time, visited Madame Tussaud’s, went to Woodberry outlets and did a few other things.

    Though it was raining most of the time, it was a weekend well spent!

    Started off with Maple Iced Cookies courtesy of the American Airlines Lounge

    Started off with Maple Iced Cookies courtesy of the American Airlines Lounge

    Chistmas decor on buildings in NYC

    Chistmas decor on buildings in NYC

    24hrs Apple Store!

    24hrs Apple Store!

    And more Christmas decor…




    We finally got to going here!!! And nope, i didnt buy anything, just an appreciation visit!



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