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    Nobu Perth

    April 23, 2015

    Once again, Nobu did not disappoint! Nobu has its chain of restaurants around the world, from Las Vegas, to London Mayfair, to Singapore, to Melbourne and Perth, to mention a few. Located inside Crown Perth in Burswood, Nobu Perth is an ideal spot for a casual weekday or weekend meal, as well as that special occasion dinner. 

    Nobu Perth also offers lunch specials in the form of Bento boxes, which is definitely a value for money option. We decided on the eight-course Omakase at Nobu Perth for our anniversary dinner this year and we were very much entertained with the fusion and burst of flavours by the chefs who also kindly took into consideration our dietary requirements. We were very well taken care of by one of the male waitpersons who also presented us with an anniversary dessert at the end of our eight-course Omakase. 
    nobu1Omakase basically means ‘Chef’s Choice’ in short, where diners leave the Chef to decide on what they will be served at each course. We started off with chopped Tuna belly served over Wasabi Miso, with a little Japanese Peach on the side. This is a very refreshing appetizer in preparing the palette for the subsequent courses. 

    nobu2Up next was the Sushi platter which was simply beautiful. Fresh, gourmet quality fish was used and very nicely flavoured, so that the flavour of the fish is somehow retained. 

    nobu3 The third course was white fish presented with a citrus dressing and a lil bit of chilli powder (I think). This dish definitely has one of Nobu’s Signature flavours, close to the ‘Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño’ cold dish which is offered on Nobu’s a-la-carte menu. 

    nobu4Moving on to our fourth course, we had white tuna belly (I think) with a variety of baby vegetables and salad,drizzled with one of Nobu’s other signature dressing. Definitely a burst of interesting flavours, not as citrus-ey as the previous course. 

    nobu5The fifth course was that of Nobu’s Signature Black Cod Miso, with drops of Miso on the side, served all wrapped up in a leaf, with a young ginger stem on the side, which is used to clean off the palette at the end of the dish. Delicious as always. 

    nobu6By the time it was our sixth course, I was very stuffed, too full BUT when this warm sizzling Salmon dish was opened up in front of me, it was just too good to resist and I managed to finish it all! 🙂 The sautéed mushrooms were amazing, very juicy and done just to perfection. 

    nobu7The second last course was one of my favourites, warm Soba noodles, served with a side of seaweed. It was perfect, to clear the palette off everything that we’ve had through out the first six courses and I was ready for our last course which was dessert!

    nobu8Dessert was presented with a sweet surprise as J had actually forgotten to mention it was our anniversary dinner when he made the booking. Furthermore, after having had a crazy few months, we had decided to just take it east this year. Nevertheless, when the waitperson sat us down at our table, he did ask if it was any special occasion. J mentioned briefly it was our anniversary. And so, it was definitely sweet of him to actually pass it on to the chef and presented us with this lil Miso Cappucino, ‘wish upon a dessert’ as a conclusion to our eight course Omakase, no other better way to end off the night! Thank you Mr Waiter! Happy Anniversary J!

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