Yesterday, we were walking around Downtown at Yonge and Dundas Square when the Mister suddenly exclaimed, “Beaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Are there Reindeers where all those people are at????”

Me: ” Huh??? Reindeer in the middle of downtown?? Real Reindeers?? You sure???”

Mister: “I think so Beaaaa… ”

Me: “Let’s go and seeee then JK! Let’s go”

And true enough!!! We saw 2 Reindeers in a pop-up fenced area. I was like soooooooiw excited!! Just in case you’re wondering, i have always associated Reindeers with Santa when i was growing up – never knew they really or still existed! Silly i knooooiw but hey! At least i do know what a Reindeer is, just unsure of their true existence..

Anyway, what could be better than seeing Reindeers in the middle of Downtown!! Imagine seeing Reindeers in the middle of Orchard Road like somewhere probably outside Ion Orchard??! That would be crazy cool!!

Though i’ve seen Koalas right in the middle of Perth City on Hay Street, i guess these days anything can be made possible!! Heeeeeehhh 🙂






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