Life has been crazy! Like crazy busy! Feels like the past couple of months have just zoomed past as though I’ve been on the fastest life’s jet ever. So fast that I haven’t been able to even drop by this space of mine.

And A LOT has happened. From the surprise visit to Singapore, to Banff to moving homes (again!) to having family and friends visit, only to name a few. One most important thing is that, I’m like finally done with Uni too! HOOORAAAYYY! Having been unwell in between all that’s been happening hasn’t helped either; which brought me to a conclusion on myself: travelling and plane trips in particular, weakens my immune system, hence me falling ill several times over the past couple of months!

Anyhow, as busy as Bea may have been, today marks another year for one of the few dearest people in my life….Looking back, we watched each other grow up, we lived under one roof (almost), we laughed together, we cried together, we helped each other, no matter how much we may have screamed and yelled at each other, we still made each other happy growing up (at least for me – LOL). I still remember how sad I used to feel each time those sleepovers ended, when it was time for you to leave, we would somewhat try to ‘buy’ time, even if it was just for a few minutes..

I remember looking forward to holidays, partly because I knew you were going to be coming over. You used to come with your toy collections, Lego, Ninja Turtles Figurines, Brick Game, Hotwheels, Sonic and the list goes on. You would update me on the latest toys and games and Chinese dramas! You introduced me to SEGA and……. you ‘taught’ me how to ‘bathe’ a fish! Mwaahahaaaahaaah! Of course not forgetting your jokes! Remember your air guitar you used to play each time I was on the Electone! I was so proud of you when you eventually picked up real guitar! Hah!

At times, I enjoyed having that company whom I can give orders to during playtime (heeheee) and you’ve never said NO to me! Hahah… You never asked for anything apart from wanting to ‘share’ my Papa on that dreaded day, you were only 4 (if I can recall correctly) and I gladly did- one of the best things I’ve ever done as you turned out to be the ‘brother I never had’. Most importantly, we grew up together and we still are! I can go on and on and on….but I guess I’ll stop here (for this year!) 🙂 

To my beloved Ezzat Fahmy, Happy Birthday My Dear One, you’re my ‘Bob’, my ‘Bobbie’, my ‘Boobles’, and the nickname goes on….countless times, you’ve never failed to be there in your own special way, with your own special touch and I hope to always do the same for you 🙂 Thank you for being the brother I never had. It’s amazing how we are so far apart in physical distance but knowing that there’s  always someone there at the click of a button, anytime, is really very comforting…May the special bond we share continue to shine and only get stronger each day, dear bro!

Happy Birthday my dear Ezzat Fahmy, May Allah bless you always…As always, I’ll remember you in my prayers, today, everyday & always, god’s willing. May the one up above reward you the best way possible for all the good things you do with that good heart of yours, especially in this blessed month! May you find happiness and satisfaction in all you in life. Lastly, whatever you do, wherever you go, Ride Safe and remember B-Bea okayyy 😉 heeehee….


Happy Burfdae to the Brother I never had <3

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