Held at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, Cirque Du Soleil, ‘O’ is not like any other show I have ever seen before. The use of water in the performance was very well controlled and simply breathtaking and at times, unbelievable.

It is not just a normal show with acrobatic stunts. There were several breathtaking moments as ‘O’ flowed through from one scene to another. A show that requires heaps of risky skills would be how I would describe Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’.

The acrobats deserved more than just applauses with their various stunts, in and out of the water, even on visibly, slippery stage. The stage was an amazing pool, which was at times retracted to normal ground, miraculously  – best I could explain – something quite surreal, somewhat unbelievable but true!

 It was like one second, the stage is a full pool, then it would be just like puddles of water and at others, just a slippery big floor area – Amazing, breathtaking performance. Having front row seats allowed me to observe a bit more and I felt so lucky despite being slightly wet at some parts for the performers and their ‘splashes’ from their acrobatic moves. Kudos to the performers of Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’. 

As much as I wanted to snap some photos of the beautiful looking acrobats in their costumes, photography rules were very strict! Least I could manage were some shots of the atmosphere before the performance started. That too, not too clear due to the lighting.

As described on their website, Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’ is indeed truly “An aquatic masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance” Further information on Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’ can be found here: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/o/default.aspx

The ceiling of the "O" Theatre

The ceiling of the “O” Theatre

Behind those curtains, lies a surreal but real 'pool' stage area

Behind those curtains, lies a surreal but real ‘pool’ stage area

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