This is a one dish  savoury meal suitable for any meal of the day. I like it for lunch, especially to take to work, as it contains all the nutrients as a whole – Proteins, Carbs and Fibre all in one dish. No need to bother packing that side salad, especially on a busy day at work. A great all in one meal, can be made with either red meat or white meat or just vegetarian. A recipe perfect for Iftar or Suhoor too!

As the name goes, this dish is actually curry with added oats to make it an all in one meal. As I cook it quite often, I find that it is still a recipe that is on that easy level of cooking. The Mister loves it for his packed lunch as it fits in perfectly with his ever so busy work schedule, where he has really short lunch breaks and has to rush through almost all his lunch hours (or whatever he has for that lunch hour)!



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