Happy Birthday my dearest, one & only Babysister. May Allah look upon you always & I will always love you to my best and be there for you for all I can, wherever I go, whatever I do, insya allah. Reflecting back (I don’t even know where to begin), you’re only 26 now BUT you’ve been a long way my dearest Babysister, we’ve been a long way. We’ve been through heaps together. I still remember you, just trying to get through Uni, especially in your final year, various humps and bumps, from study stress to financial stress, nevertheless, you made it, we made it!

As long as we stick together through thick and thin, insya allah, God will put us through, no matter how much that lil bit of much needed human help may not be rendered for whatever reasons, when God says there’s a way, there always is & will be, isn’t it? Indeed, we’ve learned yeah?

Just looking and thinking back of what you’ve been through, how much you’ve been through and most importantly, how much you’ve grown can bring tears to my eyes! (You can call me an emotional freak, but really can cry you know!) I am proud of what you’ve achieved thus far and hope you’ll achieve more in time to come.

Right now, you are probably very busy (and stressed out as always), but just a lil bit more to go, so, GO, GO, GOOOOO. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one although I know you were sleeping your evening through on September 9th, from a long day’s work. It’s okay, it’s still September, so go get yourself an ice cream at least over the weekend yeah? Hmmmm or maybe Froyo? 😉

“Happy Birthday the Baby sister! We are always proud of all your undertakings and will always  continue to be there for you, insya allah. May you continue to develop to be a useful, respectful individual & may you overcome all of your life’s challenges with lots of guidance from Him, insya allah. You will always be dear to us and remain our precious gem. We love you always. We can’t wait to see you again soon, hopefully, insya allah.”

Lotsa Luv,

Your Party of Five

PS: One thing we may not be assist you with would maybe be errrrmmmm…your hair issues? heeehee

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  • Maya says:

    I always wanted a sister, but I realized it too late. When I was younger, I never wanted a sister but a couple of years after my father’s death…I wanted a little sister oh so badly! Obviously at tht point of time, I never knew it takes two to make babies. 😛

    Anyways, Happy bday Syazana. You sister often talked about you and her love for you can be felt in abundance even via watsapp :p May Allah bless you with good health, success and all that your heart desires. 🙂

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