We stayed at JW Marriott The Rosseau Resort & Spa for a short weekend in Spring. It was our second visit, but this time,  in Spring.   Previously, we were here in the freezing Winter! We were told it was beautiful in Spring and it was magnificently beautiful indeed!

We booked for a lake view room and were given one of the end rooms in the Paignton House initially. Upon checking in, myself and the Mister were so excited and immediately went to check out the view – we were disappointed as there was no lake view but a huge bush with many other bushes instead! The Mister rang the lobby and we were re-located into another room on the 2nd floor of the main building. And TAAAA-DAAAAAAAAA…… there it was – our amazing lake view from our private balcony! We had the luxury of a little balcony, which was very relaxing and peaceful along with the tranquility of a very refreshing lake view. That gesture of swapping our rooms by the front desk was definitely almost ‘life changing’ to our weekend, which could have ended on a negative note. 

My favourited white Muskoka Chair in our private balcony :)

My favourited white Muskoka Chair in our private balcony 🙂


The amazing view from our room

Staff were very friendly and the surroundings of the resort was very cottage-like with a country feel. The cozy architecture and decor in the lobby area definitely leaves anyone with the feeling of wanting to go into a deep relaxation mode! The relaxation area by the fireplace in the lobby was amazing, with rocking chairs and a beautiful drawing room.


The Dining Room area at the lobby


The Drawing Room, nice area to have meals too..


Lovely country decor


Rocking chairs by the cozy fireplace

The resort allows access to the Lake Rosseau, thus giving us the privilege and pleasure of a nice long walk on the boardwalks and beach just before sunset with a magnificent view. 


View from the immediate surroundings of the Marriott


A view so surreal, as we walked down to Lake Rosseau


Simply stunning lake view


The beach on Lake Rosseau




Herb Patch in the surroundings of the resort


The stairs down to Lake Rosseau’s access


Muskoka Chairs by the Lake


My photo highlight of this trip! Best capture on this trip!


Houses on the lake – spot the garage for the boats!

Although I felt as if I wanted to capture every single moment and sight to bring back with me, it was just impossible, I guess some moments are just not meant to be captured but only remembered! JW Marriott Lake Rosseau, you are such a soothing gem!


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