Mommydearest has had a hand injury, me being me, in an attempt to ease and speed up the process of all festive preparations,upon our return to Singapore,i decided to start part of it from Toronto – anything for Mommydearest, as long as she does not have to risk that other hand she has left to depend on at the moment…

There’s definintely going to be lots to do –  from preparations of all the good food to the cleaning, so why not start with………

A first on my own!!!

A first on my own!!!

Little did i expect it would take so much time and so many plop, plop, plops onto my hand! Burn, burn, burns on my hand….Ouchhh! Facetiming the mom and whatsapping the baby sister to check and check and check if i’m on the right track….And there you go – a very first attempt on my own – well at least, mommydearest will be relieved…

Anyway, “it’s not raya if there’s no “kuih tat” (pineapple tarts in malay) right??? Oh well, that’s the case, at least for me…..And by the way, i am very picky when it comes to pineapple tarts, i don’t just eat anything that i see out there – everything has to be home made – home made, from the filing to the dough – that reminds me: the dough and part 2 of the tart!!! To be continued in Singapore!!! Till then……………….

Something else i am bringing back to Singapore would be:

In significance of Canada's Maple Leaf

In significance of Canada’s Maple Leaf

Courtesy of the Mister: several attempts, hopefully he'll nail it in Sing!

Courtesy of the Mister: several attempts, hopefully he’ll nail it in Sing!

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