It was one  lovely Saturday morning when we decided to explore the North Eastern end of Singapore’s Changi Village. Although our actual intention was to have a lunch of Indonesian Cuisine, only to find out the branch is no longer in operation, we did not leave Changi Village disappointed! 

Firstly, the whole Changi Village area has been revamped with various small cafes, restaurants and lovely coffee places, very touristy to a certain extent and way more ‘alive’ than what I could recall as compared to the last time I was there, over 5 years ago. Of course the main reason why we left happy was because we stumbled upon the newly opened Nur Indah Padang Cuisine / Rumah Makan Nur Indah! We had a feast and stuffed our rumbling tummies to the maximum capacity!

It was definitely my pleasure to have stumbled upon Rumah Makan Nur Indah / Nur Indah Padang Cuisine – my craving (almost 3 years craving to be exact!) for ‘Nasi Ambeng’ was satisfied! For those who are not familiar with Nasi Ambeng, it is a dish of rice and other Padang dishes served on one big tray and a group of 3-4 people will eat together from the same tray. Some may find it weird but I just love the idea of eating in groups from the same platter! I just love sharing my food that way. There is usually heaps of food on the platter, more than enough for everyone usually, so no fighting over any food there!

All the dishes served on the platter were very fresh and delicious. The Chicken in Coconut Gravy (Lauk Lemak) and Sambal Goreng (Malay style mixed Vegetables) were my favourite! Oh and not forgetting the samba bellman and Urap (Malay Style Vegetable Salad). The Bergedils (Potato Cakes) were just perfectly fried, not soggy at all. The Chilli Eggplant was simply delicious too. EVERYTHING on the platter was just so delicious. Goshhhh, I can just close my eyes and sense the taste in my palette like right now, just thinking about it! Oh yummmmmm! I’m sure all it’s the same as with all the other dishes not part of the platter too. I’m gonna be back to try them, without a doubt!


 Apart from Nasi Ambeng, Rumah Makan Nur Indah also serves various different types of Padang/ Malay / Indonesian dishes, all freshly cooked daily. They also have a station that serves Ulam (fresh vegetables, Asian Style Salad) with all the different ‘Sambals’ (sauces). Simply awesome! 

Nur Indah Padang Cuisine is located at Blk 5, Changi Village, #01-2013. If you are looking for somewhere to go for a weekend affair in the East, Nur Indah Padang Cuisine is the place to be at, as there is the perfect option of walking along the nearby beach afterwards, just to burn them calories after the feast, which was exactly what we did. Just an oh-so-perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon! 🙂 


Ulam Station