It’s that time of the year again, the time of the year where I officially turn a year older!

I’ve been lucky thus far! Apart from the usual-must-have much treasured wishes from my M & P each year, my birthday being away from home is usually like any other day, except that the Mister & I usually go out for a simple birthday dinner, followed by a short getaway, some time afterwards.

This year has been a bit different so far, much different from any of my previous Aussie Birthdays. Indeed, it has been a special one this year, apart from a custom-made cake that I had this year, I also had a really yummy home-made cake by Vahi, (our college park ‘neighbour’)  before October 25th even arrived! Of course, having my lil fren been by my side as I enjoyed my 2 birthday cakes has been a great bonus! And not forgetting a sweet surprise gift from a dear cousin 🙂

A total of 3 cakes, wishes & prayers from my M & P and a lil bit more prezzies, I am blessed! One thing though, as I grow older, I’ve come to the realization of how much I treasure small, intimate moments of celebration!

Blowing my advanced birthday candles with my lil friend!

My custom-made birthday cake

Specially by the Mister, when I woke up another year older

‘Surprise’ parcel from Cuz Maya

My many prezzies this year

My home-made birthday cake, cutting it with my lil friend 🙂

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