Our big Austrian adventure kicked in as soon as we left India. From Hyderabad, India, Vienna, Austria was our next destination.

A couple of days in Vienna, before we left for Salzburg,where we parked ourselves for a few days,  before our final destination, Zell Am Ziller – the Austrian Rockies.

Vienna was definitely a contrast as compared to Hyderabad, India. The beautiful mountains, the pretty city and scenic views. Christmas Decorations around the pretty city, all added to the natural beauty of the place. There were heaps of Christmas markets.

Our visits to a few Austrian Palaces seemed so surreal – the exterior and interior architecture, the surrounding area of the castles, the stories behind the castles, everything was amazingly overwhelming yet surreal and believable somehow.

Always closely related to being the home for Mozart, the Austrian cities have each of their own unique identity to offer. Here are some photos of Vienna and some of its many Palaces…

Our lil, cosy room at the Steigenberger Hotel, Vienna

The exterior of the Steigenberger Hotel

Breakfast area at the Steigenberger

Around the grounds of the Belvedere Palace

The garden at the Belvedere

The beautiful Belvedere Palace 

Look at the hors-ies…adorable..

>A quick shot of the famous horse monument in Vienna

Food wise, there are heaps of yummylicious spreads in Austria, ranging from pastries to crepes, pastas,salads, steak and it just doesn’t end! And the coffees in Austria were also to die for! Due to our dietary restrictions, we had heaps of seafood.

A highly recommended seafood place would be Nordsee. Seems like they have several branches of it, throughout Austria, well, at least we found one in Vienna and another in Salzburg. Nordsee serves fresh seafood, all types of seafood and seafood ONLY. Yes, seafood ONLY. These days, somewhat, I find that it’s quite impossible to find a total Seafood Restaurant ONLY. There will always be at least chicken or other types of meat in some part of the menu. But Nordsee does it! Seafood ONLY. Pastas with seafood salads and seafood, traditional fish and chips, and the meals they serve is just so yummylicious, nothing too elaborated, nothing overly fancy, just simple and subtle, just what a traveller(like me at least!) needs! Nordsee was just oh so good! Each visit to Nordsee would somehow just make my day in Austria and my trip as a whole! 🙂 Sounds silly, yes but what is a good trip without good food yeah?!

Look at how attractive Nordsee’s take-outs are!

Only a small part of the seafood spread at Nordsee

Mixed seafood salad

My favourite dish at Nordsee

Beautiful architecture around Vienna

Mozart’s place in Vienna

Statue of Austrian Composer, Johan Strauss 

Stumbled upon an amazing view of a Church roof on our Viennna walking tour

Same roof looks different at different times of the day

We headed off to Salzburg via road on an almost 3.5 hrs journey. Of course, Salzburg is well known for The Sound of Music. Stopped by at some of The Sound of Music filming locations and boy, after all these years, the various locations are still somewhat beautiful, as though they have been nicely preserved and the views were amazing, just like on a postcard! We also passed by the 5 Austrian lakes, with breath taking sceneries, filled with peacefulness and tranquility. I was so awed, my jaw almost froze in the cold cold temperature as I couldn’t help but admired the beauty of it all with my mouth opened!

All geared up for Salzburg, hello Salzburg…

Our ride enroute to Salzburg

On of my favourite shots at the lakes

Simply breath taking!

Look at how clear the water is, apparently, the water is ‘ready to drink’!

We passed through St Gilgen, the birthplace of Mozart’s mother, before we finally arrived in Salzburg.

Statue of Mozart in St Gilgen

Another breath taking view in a part of St Gilgen

Upon arrival in Salzburg, the beautiful Christmas decors were just so beautifully laid. We admired the colloquial buildings and enjoyed beautiful walks in the Sound of Music gardens and the beautiful river banks. Salzburg was a slightly quieter city as compared to Vienna, a very relaxing city, very much suitable for a short quiet getaway.

River in Salzburg, simply stunning, ain’t it?

My love for Maccas lives on regardless whichever part of the planet I’m at! Hah!

Nordsee – my new found love

Another Nordsee spread!

Salzburg Christmas Markets

Lovely Christmas decorations

On the whole, Vienna & Salzburg can be said as quaint in some parts, colloquial in others, and simply stunningly beautiful, musical cities. Of course, our Big Austrian Adventure did not end here, as we headed to Zell Am Ziller (the Austrian Rockies) from Salzburg. Such a big Austrian adventure indeed and it’s not the end yet! Zell Am Ziller is yet to be introduced! Zell Am Ziller shall make its appearance in a next separate entry!

Off on our next three hour ride to Zell Am Ziller

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