This is one of my favourite recipes with my favourite ingredient in it! Of course yet another rustable recipe for Iftar or Suhoor. And the ingredient I am talking about is…………………………………………


Of course, to want to even try out this dish, one MUST have a liking for Saffron or at least want to try Saffron. Saffron is a beautiful ingredient used in cooking. It has a beautiful fragrance and a very unique flavour. Well, I find that Saffron makes dishes very much flavourful. My Pops loves Saffron too and every time I come across Saffron on my travels, I never fail to get some to add to his collection. My Pops makes really awesome delicious Saffron flavoured rice by the way 😛

Saffron can be used in rice dishes, curry dishes, Bouillabaisse dishes, South Asian dishes, Western Dishes and even desserts! Saffron threads / spice comes from the flower of Crocus Sativas or Saffron crocus. These days, the countries of Origin of Saffron are mainly, Iran and Spain although it was first cultivated in Greece. Saffron is even used in Perfume of late!

Did you know that Saffron is also used in traditional medicine around the world and modern scientific studies have also shown that Saffron could probably aid in fighting diseases. The Carotenoid compounds and active constituents in Saffron may aid in several health areas, from inhibiting the growth of tumours, to assisting with gastric problems, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety and lots more! 

Saffron can be a rather expensive ingredient to use in cooking but trust me it’s all worth and a little bit goes a long, long way! To To those who have never tried Saffron, good luck with your virgin Saffron encounter! To those Saffron lovers, keep it going hey! 



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