This is one dessert I love. I call it Sago Pudding. Some people call it Sago. Of course, apart from its taste, one main reason why I like this dessert is largely because it is easy to make, as always! I simply love the taste of palm sugar when mixed with milk. This recipe also makes a quick Iftar dessert or an ideal for dessert option for any occasion. 

Sago is available in supermarkets, especially in Asian Supermarkets. There are many varieties of Sago and these days they are available in different colours too! I still love the good, old clear Sago pearls. To me the small Sago Pearls look like miniature Naphthalene balls! (but of course they’re not! NOWHERE near those poisonous Naphthalene balls!) Don’t make me put you off by mentioning those Naphthalene Balls, go try this one out if you’re after a fast, yummy dessert recipe!


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