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The Fabulous Macadamia Flavours

Premium Aussie Macadamias
Sensationally Sweet & Salty - The Fabulous Macadamia

Sensationally Sweet & Salty

FINE, PREMIUM Aussie Macadamias, just a little sweet and salty to the tee.

Rustically Roasted_The Fabulous Macadamia

Rustically Roasted

FINE, PREMIUM Aussie Macadamias, rustically roasted with a just a hint of premium sea salt.

Simply Spicy_The Fabulous Macadamia

Simply Spicy

FINE, PREMIUM Aussie Macadamias, roasted with The Fabulous Rat’s secret spice!

The Fabulous Granoli Blends

Premium Aussie Blends
Gorgeously Gourmet_The Fabulous Granoli

Gorgeously Gourmet

The Gorgeously Gourmet Blend has some of The Fabulous Rat’s favourite ingredients in it! Apart from a base of premium grains, The Gorgeously Gourmet blend is made of Australian Grains, PREMIUM nuts, like FINE Australian Macadamias and Cranberries.

Freakin' Fruitless_The Fabulous Granoli

Freakin’ Fruitless

As its name goes, The Fabulous Granoli Freakin’ Fruitless Blend is totally fruitless, made of a base of Australian grains & PREMIUM nuts like FINE Australian Macadamias, and sometimes, The Fabulous Rat throws in another of her favourite GOURMET nut!

Madly macadamias_The Fabulous Granoli

Madly Macadamias

The Madly Macadamias blend is one for fanatic Macadamia lovers. The highlight of this blend is truly, Australian Grains, PREMIUM dried fruit, fabulously FINE AUSSIE Macadamias! Definitely a blend that screams Macadaaaaamiaaaaaaaasssss!

Purely Pepitas_The Fabulous Granoli

Purely Pepitas

The Purely Pepitas Granoli blend is definitely purring and pouring Pepitas all over that breakfast bowl! Comes with a base of Aussie grains, PREMIUM pepitas and a PREMIUM dried fruit!

Crazily Currants_TheFabulousGranoli

Crazily Currants

Crazily cool and filled with Currants, The Crazily Currants Granoli blend is strictly curated with PREMIUM AUSSIE Currants accompanied by PREMIUM nuts and a base of Aussie grains.

Nutty Fruity Medley_The Fabulous Macadamia

Nutty Fruity Medley

For those non-grain lovers, just a mixture of PREMIUM nuts & dried fruit.

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