“My mommy says I’m a  miracle….. My daddy says I’m his special little guy……I am a Princess ….And I’m a Prince…Mum says I’m an abel sent from the sky….”

“My mummy says I’m a miracle….One look at my face, and it’s plain to see…..Ever since the day doc chopped the umbilical cord, It’s been clear there’s no peer for a miracle like me!!!”

The above is part of the lyrics in the introduction of  Matilda the Musical at the West End’s Cambridge Theatre. You may want to listen to the rest of the song here. And the rest of the show went on in a stunning, fashionable way, actually, more of Matilda’s way…. Matilda the musical is adopted from the storybook, ‘Matilda’ by famous writer, Roald Dahl. The young performers of the show really deserve to be commended, a very flawless, brilliant performance it was!

With very catchy songs and a very vibrant and lively outreach, Matilda the Musical constantly entertains and never fails to amuse throughout the 2hours of showtime. Matilda the Musical is a musical good for both adults and kids, very educational, entertaining, enriching and simply brilliant!

For more information on where Matilda the Musical is showing at, visit: http://www.matildathemusical.com

Matilda the musical

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