5 more days to Sin!! Hellooooo Singapore!!! After almost a month in Toronto, so much has happened. We’ve been nomads, ushered in Ramadhan in Toronto and above all we’ve lived in another part of the world – somehow creating yet another “home” away from home, away from our places of origins….

We are heading back to Singapore for the Eid Festive celebrations – i feel like i have experienced and adapted to too many new things for me to even celebrate Eid in Toronto, so back to Singapore we gooooo!!! Weeeeeehoooo….

Meanwhile, here’s part of our very own “Ramadhan 2012 food-fest” – Suhaila’s very own creations…..


Ushering in Ramdhan, breaking fast on the floor till we had our dining table, from one dish a day to a few dishes a day and yaaaayyy we survived!!! Speaking of survive – something else awaits us: an almost 24hrs flight yet again – soldier on and survive we shall!!!

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