Did you know that i am scared of cats? Not just scared – EXTREMELY SCARED, Yes….you can say, largely,extremely, very scared of cats i used to be at least 😛

Nevertheless, over the years, i have become more and more tolerant. Largely because most of my friends and the people around me are cat lovers, like EXTREME cat lovers – one of them being my very own babysister- my babysister EXTREMELY ADORES cats…

My very good friend of almost 15 years now, has more than five cats in her abode…

My favourite cousin is yet another person who loves cats too and has been wanting one since he was a toddler!

My very own Mister is also crazy over cats!

So there you go…that explains it all…

I may have been scared of cats my whole life BUT i DO NOT HATE them… Being scared and to hate are two different things…

Lately, I have been realizing that cats can be oh so ever adorable creatures and cute too. Which brings me to this cat which belongs to the Mister’s mom. Her name is Catty. Catty lives in Perth, she’s a Perth cat 🙂

Each time i go over to the in-laws place will look at her from afar, when she comes near i will get weary and i think cats can sense when someone is scared of them too. Each time i go near her, Catty seems to start getting defensive too. Despite all that, each time i look at Catty, subconsciously, inside i will go: “Someday, i will touch you, you Catty Cat!!”

Last weekend, we were in Perth to visit the in-laws, i saw Catty, she looked so adorable, and the babysister was around. I told myself, one of my resolutions (in my head, i’ve stopped writing my new year resolutions down due to “unaccomplishment”) this year is to be less afraid of animals – yes, i am afraid of most animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, kangaroos, koalas and the list goes on…. It’s such a waste to be living in Australia, where there is so much wildlife but to be sooo scared of them. I can look at them but i will maintain a distance.

So when i saw Catty on Saturday, something just told me to try touching Catty with the aid of my babysister who was already going crazy over Catty, holding my hand.

After a while, i tried to touch her again, this time on my own – gosh i touched using one finger first and she stayed still – felt like a soft toy, in fact it was a nicer feel than a soft toy!!

And i tried a few more times, then i exclaimed to the Mister and Babysister, “Hooohoohoo…i touched her ON MY OWN!!”

The both of them came to see. Then my babysister said, “Touch a bit more….touch touch touch her just like a soft toy…”

I could feel my heart beating but i did it again and again and again and i went, “Oooooops i did it again!!!”

In no time, i was already touching and stroking her, it felt reallly good indeed!

A while later, I was sitting at the sofa, my babysister said, “Come, let’s carry her and put her on your lap, make it a crash course man!”

And i screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, to be carrying a cat or even Catty for now is a bit too much for me to handle i must say 😛 But at least i touched her and when upon being touched and stroked, Catty started becoming friendly and i could sense she somehow wanted to “walk around” and climbed onto me seeing as to how i was a “new friend” but i retreated again.I could sense she was rather disappointed but it’s okay, maybe, next time Catty?

For now, let’s keep it at the level as seen below first okay? 🙂 Well at least i have managed to touch a cat on my own, at least Catty, will i be able to touch other cats? Errrmmm…i’m not too sure, heeeheee but still at least i did it!!! Come watch me!!!



Spot the sister's foot and the Mister's presence within my near reach, in case of any "emergency".

Spot the sister’s foot and the Mister’s presence within my near reach, in case of any “emergency”.




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