Amazing how interesting & fun it was to be able to catch up with two wonderful people I may call my good girlfriends, despite me being halfway around the world.

Being almost constantly on the move makes it a bit hard to catch up with good friends sometimes, despite the existence of the WWW. Sometimes things just turn out to be that way, and are beyond our control, especially when we have our own lives, work, families, just our very own commitments, no matter how much we try.

I know it wasn’t easy at all for you to bring yourselves here but you did! And of course, without a doubt, I appreciate that very meaningful gesture and can only thank god for it.

Indeed, it was an awesome Sept/Oct catch up, one of those life’s moments of rebuilding with the hope of maintaining and strengthening that special friendship bond, god’s willing, till we meet again, my dearest friends..

PS: If only we can re-live those college days, those days when we were somewhat carefree but still had to care, yet not care so much like how we have to today, maybe, where moments we had were sometimes sweet yet bitter, happy and gay, if only…those days have indeed been a precious part of my life…

Thank you for coming half way around the world dear gals!

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