It was  last Christmas Eve ❄ (* thinks George Michael and hums to the tune: Last Christmas….I gave you my heart…But the very next day, you gave it away…), we were looking for somewhere impromptu to go to for dinner. By the way, that’s one of my favourite Christmas Songs, not that it describes anything happy to begin with but I like it, just the way it goes 🙂 

Back to my last Christmas Eve, seeing as to how it was going to be a public holiday the next day, we decided on going out for dinner and we were cracking our heads, as we wanted to still go somewhere in the East, so it would be easy to get home afterwards. J decided on trying Eighteen Chefs – J being J – he just cannot resist whenever he sees a new food joint around, he has to try it like possibly almost immediately! So after much tossing around of ideas, off to Eighteen Chefs  at Eastpoint Mall we went. Location was ideal as it was only one train station away from where we were.   

Upon arrival, there was a long, in fact, SUPER LONG queue outside the place. We contemplated on going to a few other  places within the mall but J being J again, insisted we queued – oh well so We  J queued. (J actually volunteered to queue while myself, M&P sat at the “waiting seats” provided – thank you J, such gentleman as always! ♥) It was a good half an hour before we could get a table.  

Ambience at Eighteen Chefs was perfect – not super formal or anything, more of a cool family dining restaurant. Menu was hugeeeeee. So many things to choose from! From Pastas to Fried Rice to Fish and Chips, to Steaks. You can also make your own Pasta – ‘be your own chef’ at Eighteen Chefs, how about that? How awesome can it be right?!! There are also things like the Heart Attack and Bypass Fried Rice on their menu, though we didn’t try any – didn’t want any heart attacks, NO! Ahakz 🙂 

Being Christmas eve, the restaurant was extremely busy and there was a little glitch with one of our orders (it had to be J’s order of all things – sorry J, awwwww). Nevertheless, the manager handled it in a professional manner so it was all good aye. 

J ordered the Aglio Olio with Striploin, I ordered the Tomyam Seafood Aglio Olio (highly recommended), Maa-ji had the Fish burger, Pops had the Salmon Fillet in Orange Butter and we shared an additional pasta (I became my own Chef!) and an Eighteen Funky Salad (also highly recommended). And we had…..NO complaints over the food and we had a ball of a time – simply great! Overall, if you are after somewhere for a change than the usual Swensens or Pizza Hut menu, then Eighteen Chefs is the way to go! 

The desserts looked really good too but we were too stuffed for dessert. On the whole we it was a wholesome meal and enjoyable time we had at Eighteen Chefs! We will be back, maybe to try the yummy looking desserts and Heart Attack Fried Rice this time????! 😉

If you’re looking to pay them a visit, Eighteen Chefs has several locations around the island. Check out an Eighteen Chef’s location near you today!


Aglio Olio with Striploin


Salmon Fillet in Orange Butter


My ‘create your own’ pasta in tom yam seafood broth


Fish Burger


Eighteen Funky Salad


Tomyam Seafood Aglio Olio