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Easy Egg Breakfast – Omelette Wrap

By April 10, 2021 June 26th, 2022 No Comments

If you’re looking for Easy Breakfast Egg Ideas, I would say this Omelette Wrap makes up for just that. It all started when several of my friends kept asking me about this Omelette Wrap that was going around. I was wondering what was the big deal with this Omelette Wrap that went all viral on TikTok, so I decided tried it myself. Not only did this become one of my favourite Easy Breakfast Egg Ideas, it’s also a lil fancy 🙂

It does make brekkie more interesting and a little bit more fancy. Something different to the usual boring omelette with different sides. Or even just that usual folded loaded Omelette.

Apart from making it a breakfast option, I feel that this can also be served as a snack for other times of the day. Perhaps, cut it into small portions, so it can be served as a side or appetiser for that afternoon tea platter. Good replacement for the standard quiche. Orrrrr…. for those requiring a gluten free crepe option, this easily makes for an original Egg Crepe with filling.

Of course for an egg lover like me, I appreciate this variation of an omelette. I like it because it allows for ingredient control. And it can be easily tweaked for it to be meat free, just for adults or, be made kid friendly too. It also allows for an interactive breakfast get-together. Fillings can be prepared ahead, stock up on the eggs. Perfect for small groups of guests to be choosing their omelette wrap fillings and ‘make their own omelette.’  That way, breakfast can be served fresh for everyone. Options with this one are endless!

Definitely something that gives brekkie that lil bit of fancy-ness, yet it’s so easy peasy to make! Perhaps, if you are looking for ideas for that next stay home breakfast catch up, this Omelette Wrap is something to consider!



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