Yet another Amazing thing about fall in Toronto is the food. In fact, the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables change with the season and the availability in terms of variety is just sooooooiw lovely….

Towards Halloween, you will see soooooo many different types of pumpkin, i wonder how shoppers decide what to choose….One thing i wonder about is does the supply of pumpkin ever depletes during this season, seeing as to how there is just an abundance almost everywhere….

Even coffee places like Starbucks for example, has pumpkin spiced drinks, like their pumpkin spiced latte. On the other hand fragrance shops come up with the pumpkin spiced scents! Bath & Bodyworks has their creamy pumpkin fragrance…

When i was young, for some reason whenever i had arguments with anyone, i would end up calling them “Pumpkin-face”, ermmmmm i guess looking at these pumpkins below, it’s not too bad being called a pumpkin face afterall? Heeeeeeeeeehhhh…..



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