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About TFR

Hello world!
I’m the fabulous rat

I’m also known as Bea, around loved ones, on a more loving note. I write about all things food, lifestyle and travel related. Looking for new places to go, for food or for fun? Trust The Fabulous Rat!

Coming from a vast writing background, The Fabulous Rat has a strong interest in the areas of Food, Lifestyle & travel. TFR hopes www.thefabulousrat.com can be a one-stop-shop for the modern day consumer!

The Fabulous Rat’s Shoppe

The Fabulous Shoppe is an online shoppe that showcases fabulous nibbles by The Fabulous Rat. If you are after that fabulous something, hurry, go to The Fabulous Shoppe today!

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P for Pippa, Pink, Purple & Lil Boy Roy and His Little Glass Window

P for Pippa, Pink and Purple entices young readers to explore colours and different seasons in the year, yet at the same time entertaining. It largely serves an educational purpose for young readers (3 to 8 years).

A good start-up book which allows young readers match colours to their surroundings and different seasons of the year.

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