The Chinese New Year is here!! Yaaaaaay! Not that we celebrate but at least for me, originating from Singapore, apart from Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year being = several days of public holidays or sometimes long weekends, there is also the existence of many types of yummy food! Besides, Singapore is pretty much multi-cultural, so, I simply enjoy & appreciate all the various multi-cultural festivals there is.

All in all, it is just the atmosphere that I love most, looking at the bright red colours and of course the existence of soooo many yummy juicy Mandarin Oranges in the shops, not forgetting Hong Baos 😉



I have not been back in Singapore over the Chinese New Year season for quite a while now. Reflecting back, in Perth, the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year spirit is not as vibrant as what it is like in Toronto!

For instance, in Toronto, there are shops that have posters of the year of the Snake, wishing customers Happy Chinese New Year, AWESOME! For some reason, this year, with that extra atmosphere of Chinese New Year, I suddenly had a strong urge to have this Chinese New Year dish – which apparently is a signature Singaporean dish – Yu Sheng.

I just couldn’t stop telling the Mister that I really want to have Yu Sheng, it’s a Chinese New Year weekend and we should be having that, blaaa, blaaa, blaaaaa, blaaa….

But of course, having grown up in Australia, the Mister had no idea what Yu Sheng is! I told him to Google it and he was quite skeptical as to what it would taste like. I told him that we can always alter the recipe and omit some spices if we don’t really like the taste.

As a result of me being so ‘Yu-Sheng persistent’, off to China Town we went, we tolerated the yucky snow which  by the way, wasn’t white anymore having been on the road for days now… We managed to find most of the ingredients, we picked and choose in favour of what we love based on the original recipe.

The most crucial thing in Yu Sheng is the fish! We found everything BUT the fish!!! How disappointing & annoying too! Feeling quite exhausted from all the walking, I told the Mister that maybe we should just make do with Smoked salmon or any type of fresh salmon we could get hold off from the supermarket but the Mister being a perfectionist insisted that we hunted for Sashimi grade fish!

A long walk we had, from Chinatown back to Dundas to College Park, from Longo’s to Sobeys to Metros and finally the place we knew we would be able to find something for sure but I was just so lazy to walk that extra bit – LOBLAWS!! And there you go, Voilaaa! We found our Sashimi Grade Salmon and Tuna. We replaced the abalone with Tuna as we could not get abalone. Thank you Dear Mister.

And taaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaa… you go, our very own Yu Sheng! We also had a side of Wanton Noodles and Wantons (courtesy of the Mister) and Ginger Chicken (courtesy of the Mister)….Of course courtesy of the Mister, ‘QC-ed’ by yours truly…heh!…





We were so excited at the food that we walloped everything as soon as we said our  meal Doa and forgot to take snapshots of our tired but satisfied faces!

Dear Papa,

As you suggested, I was in a red top as I enjoyed my Yu Sheng and my mini Chinese New Year dinner…. heh 🙂

Thank you to the one up above for always giving us food to eat, day in, day out…..Ameen…

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xinnian Kuaile Everyone!!!

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