Despite the wait, it was a nice one at 1Market. We had a ball! Although we had to queue up for seats, we had a nice time- all 6 of us… good food, good company.. myself, the Mister, Mama, Papa, the babysister and the precious beloved cousin – Zatimus Prime whom I have soooo many nicknames for!!! Teeeeeheeeheeee…Soon, I will blog specially about him, for him & the whole wide world to know what makes him one of the most precious dear people in my life…..

By the way, you might want to know- the restaurant is fully booked till the new year and they are already accepting bookings for January now BUT walk-ins are still welcomed anytime – just like what we did, my recommendation: go, go, go- it’s worth the queue, food is quite yummy!!!

Go 1 market!!!

Now, some photos to tempt you into visiting 1 Market!!! Tempted much yet?



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