After over 3 months, the time has arrived to……………………

leave this part of the world and be back in Singapore again!!!! I just catch wait to see the M & P!


Truth is, i may be living away from home but I am normally in Perth, which is just about 5hours away from Singapore, so easy peasy, each time i feel home sick and miss being in the parents’ bed (yes i still do laze in the parents’ bed and i am proud of that, after all, i am Bea, remember??), i have the easy option of flying back for the weekend…..

Budget airlines or low cost carriers are my good friends – i mean it’s just a five hour trip and for the price of one economy ticket on a normal airline, i can get two tickets purchased on a low cost carrier!!! 

I cantch wait to seeeee the two people i love most in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear God, please look upon me throughout my journey………….Ameen….

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