Having been in Australia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast East Asia for Christmas, i must say somewhat being on this side of the world has created a different impression of Christmas on me this year.

Christmas here somehow seems more like: “as seen on TV”. Heeeeeeeh….I am so used to watching movies like Home Alone and have always had this perception of a white Xmas which i have obviously never experienced before in my entire life so far, till this year.

The atmosphere here is just “oh-so-amazing”. Now, some of you must be thinking, “Oh gosh, there she goes again with her A-MA-ZING….” Well, if you haven’t already noticed, i am one who gets amazed rather easily! Well i just do.

Alright, back to our Christmas topic, it is a rather lovely change in atmosphere being on this side of the world, with the existence of heaps of Christmas Trees – (real life ones!), the many Santas, the lovely Christmas Songs, Christmas markets, loads of Christmas decor, Christmas lights and of course how can i forget the real life Reindeers! It feels much more like Christmas on TV here; not that it’s not as wonderful in Singapore and Perth, just that it’s very much different here, oh well, at least in my eyes.

With ongoing discussions of whether it will actually snow heavily on Christmas day and if it’s really literally going to be a “White Xmas” or otherwise, i must say, the currently freezing weather is somewhat already playing a part in creating a feel of a White Xmas, regardless – like i said, at least for me, who is just so AMAZED by all the Christmas events and happenings here!!

To all those who celebrate Christmas, may you have a blessed Christmas aside your loved ones, Season’s Greetings everyone!

In the meantime, do enjoy the ambience of a White Xmas from Toronto……more photos to come, soon….












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