Sitting on a flight, with the passenger behind, placing her foot super smelly foot stuck in between my seat and the window (how rude and uninspiring), I looked at the calendar and just cannot believe that it is December, 22nd December,  to be specific. 3 more sleeps to Christmas, 10 more sleeps to 2016. Where did January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November go? 2015 has been a year that has somehow zoomed past physically, yet somehow long, emotionally.

Having been a bit of an emotional roller coaster year, with testing and trying times, and at the same time, filled with sweet memories, 2015 has been a bittersweet year to be exact. The year I lost my beloved grandma, my Dadi-dearest of over 30 years. The year, I learnt, we learnt as a family, to learn and only keep learning, to live on without her physical presence.

January & February

Moments of decision-making. Trying moments of huge adjustments returning from halfway across the world. Bittersweeet.

March & April

Settling into reality being back in Aussieland. 48 months of being with the Mister.

The Nation (Singapore) lost its founding father of 50 years.

I still vividly remember that look on my Dadi-dearest’s face when she was first hospitalized. The uplifting moment when she saw the mere bouquet of flowers I got her, as she was in the hospital bed. BitterSweet.


Back to the other place we once looked upon as home, realizing how we missed it so much but as always, “We gotta do what we gotta do…”  So near to our hearts, yet so far physically, we have to be.

Another close family member has been diagnosed with Monster-C.

My Dadi-dearest: I vividly remember how we had our video conference session. We joked, you smiled. I said I would come to see you soon. You said, when I come, you will eat. You smiled. BitterSweet.


Ramadhan. A huge part of Ramadhan was dedicated to my late Dadi-dearest. We met. I realized it may be our last moments together. I got to spend your last days with you, in fact up till your last hour. The moment came. You returned to HIM. A very trying month for me, for us all. BitterSweet.


Eid. A very different Eid. We missed you badly but we try to remember you in our various ways, reflecting upon the happy moments. Caught up with family over Eid. BitterSweet.


40days prayers for the one & only Dadi-dearest.

Expired lease = re-settling in.

SG50, without the nation’s founding father. BitterSweet.


Decided to surprise the Sissy with a crazy Garfield birthday cake. Mood uplifter.


Spent sometime with a lil friend whose Mom went on pilgrimage. Reflected on our many sacrifices. BitterSweet.


100 Days prayers for Dadi-dearest.

Bea’s Birthday.

Preparations for the Brother’s wedding began. BitterSweet.


The Big day has arrived – when it all happened. Bro’s big day after 33 years. Moments of reminiscing brought back tears, memories were made. BitterSweet.


Reflecting on 2015. Life is short indeed. Always try to fill it with love and appreciation. Remember to always be thankful for what we have. Have that feeling of content, that feeling of being grateful. Each breathing moment means a moment closer to the day we return to HIM. Regardless of our beliefs, we are living in a borrowed world. Life is short, live reasonably to the fullest, we seek for happiness and that element of inner peace. Whatever your belief may be, there is only one God, from him we come from and to him we return……

Dear 2015, you have been a BitterSweet year. Nevertheless, it has been an invaluable learning journey. Thankful for 2015. As we usher in 2016 in the upcoming calendar year, may we all be given all the strength, patience and lots of happiness and peace in all that we have in store! Have a lovely 2016 everyone! Here’s one of my favourite shots of 2015 😉





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