One thing me and J have always had a debate on, is how I’m always emphasizing on a healthy lifestyle (equates to healthy food), and yet how I somehow cannot live without one food fetish I have – my SAUCES and DIPS! I am a strong believer of what you are is really very much dependent on what you eat. One thing I loveeeeee ♥♥♥  very much is SAUCE, Chilli Sauce and Tomato Sauce to be specific! Of course when Nuffnang and Fountain decided to give me this ‘Sauce’ opportunity, I said yes without having to think any further and boy, i am having a great time with the sauces!

fountain1These Fountain Sauces have really made my life so much easier this past week! I have been having them with almost everything I could think of! One concern J always had about me and my love for sauces is that most sauces have a very high sugar and salt content. Now, that there is this range of Fountain Good Choice Sauces, I can worry no more!  These Fountain Good Choice Sauces are sweetened with Natvia and has no added sugar. The sauces are also gluten free and do not contain any artificial colours and flavours, unlike other normal brands of sauces. The Fountain Good Choice Range also replaces artificial ingredients with more natural ingredients like Fruit Purees – amazing, isn’t it? What makes it even better is that there is a whole range of them! The Fountain Good Choice Range is available in Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Hot Chilli Sauce and 50% Salt Reduced Soy Sauce. There’s definitely something for everyone!

Based on my experience, as skeptical as I was to try it in the beginning, me being the very fussy eater, where small things matters most in my food, once I tried it, i realized that when it comes to taste, there definitely hasn’t been any compromise made. The sauces really taste like way, way, way better versions of any other sauces I’ve had before!

The variety of flavours made it so easy for me to have it with our different types of Pizzas on our last Pizza Night, as you can see below! We had a ball of a time with the different sauce options! All thanks to The Fountain Good Choice Sauces! The Fountain Good Choice BBQ sauce definitely tastes different from any other usual BBQ Sauce, in a good way of course – it doesn’t ‘sting’ the tongue when you have too much of it (speaking from my many experiences of having being ‘stung’ after having seconds of BBQ sauce with my food). Perhaps it’s because of all the natural and healthier ingredients used, and of course the reduced salt level too! It went perfectly well with the Meat Pizza we had. Despite being coupled up with the Cheese on the Pizza, it wasn’t salty at all. Simply Yummmmm!

fountain3The Fountain Good Choice Sweet Chilli Sauce is so yummy – definitely Sweet Chilli and not Super Sweet Chilli like other normal Sweet Chilli Sauces out there where sometimes, you can only taste the sugar in the sauce instead of the Chilli. The sweetness of the sauce complements the Chilli so perfectly that I went for seconds and thirds with just one piece of our seafood Pizza. And if you’re in that ‘Hot’ mode, there is always Fountain Good Choice Hot Sauce. I also added some of the Hot Chilli Sauce to my Salad for that tinge of spicy-ness and it was just perfect. 

fountain2Thanks to my Pops who taught me how to eat tomato sauce with plain rice once upon a time ago – something I sometimes look forward to up till today – and that was just what I did with the Fountain good Choice Tomato Sauce! Heyyy, it was like the most awesome thing to have when the appetite is down, you know when it’s that time of the month, oh well! I no longer have to worry too much about Tomato Sauces and their high salt or sugar content now! Yaaay!

I cannot wait to have my Grilled Soy Sauce Tiger Prawns tonight! Because it is 50% salt reduced, I will definitely be able to enjoy the real taste of my ‘Boat Shed’ purchased Tiger Prawns in all goodness, without it being a tad too salty. Often when done with normal Soya Sauce, I always have to be careful. In the event I accidentally used that extra bit, the salty-ness somehow engulfs the flavours of the seafood. With Fountain’s 50% Salt Reduced Sauce, fret no more! Weehoooo! Wait up for my Soya Tiger Prawns Recipe y’all and whatcha waiting for? Hurry on, go get your Fountain Good Choice Sauces today! Best choice ever!✔✔✔ 

The Fountain Good Choice Sauces can be found in the Health Food Aisle of any Woolworths Store and if you want them RIGHT NOW, head on to and get them online. And before you know it, it will be at your doorstep! I cannot be any happier at the discovery of my Fountain of Goodness 🙂 Alright, back to my Grilled Tiger Prawns for now!

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