Atomic Espresso Cafe in South Perth is a fun, easy cafe to be at, especially for that weekend breakfast or Brunch. Located at the heart of luscious Mends Street, Atomic has a very cosy and simple ambience, just ideal for that lazy weekend, although, if you intend to be there for a weekend breakfast or brunch, there may be a queue. Nevertheless, the queue moves fast and service is quite fast here too, despite the many Big Breakfast they have on the menu. 



One of the best things at Atomic is their Ciabatta toasts that comes with most of their breakfast options, not just any usual toast, definitely only an Atomic toast 😉 Overall, Atomic offers a very simple, straightforward breakfast menu – the usual suspects but in their very own Atomic way! Here I am, sharing some of my personal favourites….. Enjoyyyy…. ♥♥♥


Avocado Bruschetta



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