carouselfeatureCafe Carousel may already be known to many, especially to those residing in Singapore. Nevertheless, where there is good food, it is always good to be sharing it constantly 🙂 Did you know Cafe Carousel has been voted as the best buffet restaurant in Singapore for 5 consecutive years and they are in the Hall of Fame of  AsiaOne’s People’s Choice Awards? 

Cafe Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts has a class of its own, in terms of its ambience and the Cuisine it offers. In terms of ambience, Cafe Carousel offers a cheery ambience that somehow encourages interaction amongst diners, particularly for those celebrating that happy occasion. The array of Cuisine offered at Cafe Carousel is just amazing, totally on a different level altogether, ranging from their cold dishes, Asian Dishes, Mediterranean dishes, Japanese Station and of course the yummylicious desserts, heaps of desserts!

As food lovers, myself, J and sometimes, the M&P dine out quite a fair bit. I, in particular, love buffets and dining in at places with ambience like Cafe Carousel. Although these days, I can feel age is catching up and I could no longer stuff myself with heaps of food from the buffet or pile up that plate and keep going for rounds. Hence, we tend to reserve our buffet meals for that special occasion. (or at least we try to!) Nevertheless, I just love the idea of buffets. It just gives the opportunity for fickle people like me to try a bit of everything or maybe that few dishes that I would love to order. The beauty of buffets is that I do not have to pick one particular dish and then be stuck with that one particular dish for the rest of my meal 🙂 

Our recent trip to Cafe Carousel was in celebration of the Pops’ birthday. And as always, we had a ball of a time. We decided on High Tea and we definitely made the right choice! Selection of food was awesome, without a doubt. My favourite were the Chinese Station and of course the Chicken Rice – Yes, you read it right, some of you may say, “Whaaaaaaaat…Chicken Rice for High Tea???” Yes oh yesssss…there is just something about the Chicken Rice at Cafe Carousel that I just cannot go past it, one of the best Chicken Rice in town, I must say! Oh yummmmmmm! ♥ The Chinese Station is made of Dim Sums, dumplings, fried noodles and several other gourmet Chinese Delicacies. 

carousel2J of course couldn’t resist his curry and had to go straight for his Curry and Roti Jala (Net-like Crepes) first, before anything else.  Of course they were yummy, without a doubt. By the way, the photos seen here is only what I took on our ‘first round’. I should really have taken more photos but, I was too busy enjoying myself to take more photos afterwards that I forgot to take a photo of the desserts completely! What a bummer!☺


carousel4My dear Pops has an undying love for cold dishes. I love them too but Pops will be the one shelling / peeling them for me ;P See the ‘Birthday Boy’ enjoying his cold dishes ☺…. 

carousel5It was really nice of Cafe Carousel, in fact, it is a tradition at Cafe Carousel that a birthday song is being sung for all those celebrating, accompanied by a lil slice of birthday cake. (Birthday note to be made at the point of booking) My lucky Pops got a piece and I remembered pushing the slice of cake around us (we were too full) but once we tasted the cake, oh boyyyy… we went for seconds as this lil slice of cake that you see here, is definitely to die for! It’s so yummy that even when you’re soooooo full and almost bursting at your seams, you still somehow, will want to have some!Oh wow! There you go, Happy Birthday Dear Pops! Hope you enjoyed your birthday High Tea 🙂