One of the places I think of each time the Winter blues hit, has to be Miami Beach, Loewes Miami Beach, to be exact. To be in Miami Beach or perhaps, somewhere in the Florida Panhandle at this time of the year would be superrrrrrr AWESOME! A weekend getaway perhaps? Just close your eyes, think of the vast blue ocean, that bed of soft, warm sand to walk on,  to lie on perhaps, with a cold drink, and I can go on and on and on……..

Well, it doesn’t hurt to be reminiscing on past travels. But heyyyyy… doesn’t reminiscing somehow brings about more planning (and travelling!)? 😉 Speaking of that current ideal weekend getaway (me thinking the Florida Panhandle here), I can already think of 5 travel essentials I would take with me!

Without a doubt, one of the things I cannot live without is my iPhone – warm moments need to be captured and shared! Of course, for my love of food, my favourite snacks is next on the list. I just cannot stop munching away. With my favourite Tiffany Sunnies, I’m ready to take on the beach Baybehhh…. Bring it on…..

Of course, a trip to the beach is not complete without my HUGE beach towel for that lazy afternoon on the beach. For hydration purposes, I would also bring my BIG bottle of frozen water – yes, you heard it right, Frozen Water in a bottle, something like an Icey Pole in a bottle. That way, my drink stays cool in the warm weather 😉

That’s it. That completes my list! I’m ready to drive them Winter Blues away……Did I strike a chord there? What would your travel essentials be? Meanwhile, I’m going to continue reminiscing, in case it all turns into an impromptu reality ♥♥♥……….



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