We were so excited to hear about the Halal Food Fest Toronto 2014. We missed it the previous year because we were not in Toronto. This year, it is held at The International Centre, Entrance 5, on June 14th from 10am – 10pm and June 15th 10am – 8pm. Myself and the Mister learned about the food fest online through several halal Canadian pages, including halalfoodie.ca.

 As much as we’ve read about the various activities online, we weren’t really sure what exactly to expect and we planned from the previous night that we were going to spend only a maximum of 2 hours at the Foodfest and then proceeded on with our other plans for the Saturday afternoon.

We arrived at the International Centre at about quarter to 4 in the afternoon. Boy, were we excited! We saw the epitome of everything Halal right before our eyes! From Entrees to Mains to desserts and snacks and sweets! Alhamdulillah! We got our coupons and started our Halal adventure, going from one booth to another!

The booths were so amazing, selling food in small portions – just nice, allowing us to sample different types of food, one after another. Some booths like Mina Brand foods had yummy samples of nuggets and lots of other chicken varieties.

We also stumbled upon something new, Adonis Marche, a supermarket that has a full halal fresh meat supply! We were so excited to try food from the new Halal places we found and also, those that we knew existed but just haven’t had the chance to visit!

 Before we knew it, we did a time check and realized it was close to 7pm! There goes the 2hour time limit! We decided to go ahead and continue our Halal adventure as we still had the outside area where the food trucks were, to explore! And we were even more excited! Even more food! We had Chilli Hotdog and the Mister had a burger and lots of other samples again!

 We left at around close to 9pm! What a nice way to spend our Saturday, one of the days where we felt so at home with all the yummy goodies! Only one thing we found a bit pricey was the Lassi (at the outside area, next to the Candy floss counter – $5 for a Lassi was a bit too pricey compared to the other types of food we had but oh well, we tried it anyway!)

Apart from food, of course, there are other things to check out, like, Islamic books and games, kid’s corner (outside area), heaps of beautiful accessories, clothing, for both male and female and also, other ventures, like this interesting handcrafted soap corner we stumbled upon called ‘Be-licious’ – worth checking out if you love natural fragrances and soaps, all home and hand made!

If you haven’t already been, you still have tomorrow to check it out! Some recommended booths / trucks to look out for would be: Pie Guyz (in the food court area), Blossom and Bean, Smore Treats, Indian Street Food for Pani Puris (so yummmmmmy) and Toppings food truck. Of course there are more that are worth the mention but there’s just so much we could remember, as we were too busy enjoying the yummy food!




Papa Pastry


Halal Delight


Halal Meat


Yummy S’more Treats


Halal Marshmallows


Inside area of the hall


Children’s Books


Halal Nail Polish


Paramount Fine Foods


Halal Magharitas


Indian Sweets


Blossom and Bean


Indian Street Food


Yummy Panni Puris from Indian Street Food


Food Court Area


Karachi Kitchen


Kid’s Corner


Burger Factory



Paramount Food Truck


Buster’s Sea Cove

Our yummy Chilli Cheese Hotdog

Our yummy Chilli Cheese Hotdog


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