Harvest Espresso

Harvest Espresso

These days, coffee places are popping up like mushrooms in developing and developed societies, especially in Perth and Australia as a whole, where coffee culture is very much dominant. It is one thing to find a coffee place but to find a place that sells good coffee is definitely another! There are quite a few coffee places in Perth that sells good coffee, one of which is this little place I’ve driven past many time and only finally manage to visit recently – Harvest Espresso.

Located at 629 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Harvest Espresso serves pretty good coffee for a small cafe. Harvest Espresso also has a very interesting drinks menu. Apart from serving the usual espresso, teas, hot chocolate and cold drinks, Harvest Espresso offers the option of ‘Red Espresso’, which is actually 100% Caffeine free Rooibos. 

This is a wonderful thing for me definitely! I was once addicted to coffee, minimum of 6 coffees in a day until my body sent me a STOP message. I have since weaned myself off coffee for a while and back to a Coffee a day now 🙂 Thus, the Red Espresso option available at Harvest Espresso is indeed good news for me!

Having said that, I did have a go at the Latte which was definitely what I would call good coffee, just the right blend for my fussy coffee palette! The wonderful selection of drinks coupled by the modern decor in this cute street front cafe makes Harvest one of the ‘must try’ coffee places in Perth! 

To know more about Harvest Espresso, visit them here or their Facebook page here. 

The cute order counter / Espresso corner at Harvest Espresso

The Espresso corner at Harvest Espresso

Rooibos Spritzer

Red Spritzer

Yummy Coffee!