I love markets. And I’m sure this isn’t the first time I’m saying this. Ahakz! 😉 Supermarkets, Farmers’ markets, Weekend markets, flea markets……… As long as it’s some kind of market with food and some fresh produce, I am a happy camper! One of my favourite markets in Perth used to be the Subiaco Station markets – some may only remember the markets as old and run down. Not exactly the best place to be at, especially on a wet Winter weekend! Nevertheless, it was one of my favourite markets,where I have made lots of fond memories. It was almost a ritual each weekend for me to be there! The bargains and finds at the Station Markets were just too good to be true!  Those who have lived in Perth long enough would remember the Subiaco Station Markets, situated right at the Subiaco train station. Unfortunately, quite a few years back, the Subiaco Station Markets were closed down.

Since then, I had to make do with the Fremantle markets. I must say, I used to share a Love-hate relationship with the Freo markets. Nevertheless, as the years passed, having lived away from Perth and being back again, there has been huge, significant changes to this market, no more of a love-hate relationship 😉 . Perhaps, I may have found my way back into love, in the midst of the many interesting discoveries I have made at the Freo markets 🙂  And one of them is………Taa Daaaaaa……
levisdoughnuts2Apart from good bargains of fresh produce, yet another reason why I keep coming back to the Freo Markets is because of this little amazing booth or stall, Levi’s Doughnuts. One shouldn’t underestimate their little stall. Levi’s Doughnuts is one little corner that produces HUGE bursts of traditional handmade love!♥ Amazingly delicious doughnuts. I prefer Levi’s Doughnuts anytime over Krispy Kremes (sorry Krispy Kremes!). levisdoughnuts1Each time I tell myself, NO doughnuts for me today, as soon as I pass by their booth, I just cannot resist! 😉 One thing I really love about levi’s Doughnut is that they are fried in Rice Bran oil, which makes it always fresh, and the doughnuts do not turn hard when they have cooled down. For those who do not want it as sweet, there is always the option of having half sugar! Levi’s doughnuts also comes in various flavours, like Blackberry Jam filled and also chocolate. Nevertheless,  the traditional doughnuts remains my personal favourite. If you are ever in Freo and looking for a nice snack on a weekend, head on to Levi’s Doughnuts! ♥♥♥








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