When I was growing up, I was always intrigued by the word NASA. However, unlike Disney, I have never dreamt of specially going to NASA, which was why when the Mister mentioned NASA, I was not as excited as I was, when Disney was mentioned. On the contrary, it was always one of the Misters dreams to see NASA so on Day 4, off we went to Cape Canaveral, as soon as the Mister wrapped up for the day.

Upon arrival to NASA, we were greeted by the huge ‘NASA ball’ as I call it. That was when I started to have several questions in my head. As we entered, we were directed to take the  Kennedy Space Center’s Bus. I was glad we were on the bus as the whole inside area of NASA was surrounded by swamps with lots of ‘Gators’ living in them! We were brought to a few stops and observed several different areas of NASA at the stops. We stopped at a lookout, saw a movie on one of the space shuttle launch and also caught a display of the various previous space shuttles. Boy they were huge and it was so hard to capture on a normal shot! Had to use panorama shots in order to capture images of one whole shuttle.

Though it wasn’t part of my plan, I felt lucky to have been there as it was certainly a very enriching experience for me, a visit which answered several subconscious questions which I may have had from before.

On our drive down to Kennedy Space Center

The road to Kennedy Space Center

The road to Kennedy Space Center

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