Rouse Cafe on Dunlop Street has a character of its own. From its almost raw, rustic, cool architecture to the rather unique menu, Rouse is a unique, interesting cafe. We went to Rouse as suggested by the Pops. He claimed that he dropped off a passenger who was a staff member at Rouse and that the passenger has somewhat promoted Rouse to him. So off to Rouse we went.

Upon entry into Rouse, I was filled with question marks as to what this place may offer but as soon as I looked at the menu, I realized that it is not the usual rice staples of Singaporeans that they serve. Nevertheless, Rouse was definitely unique and rustic. I loved the concept of how their food is being served. Rouse’s menu also offers something different, I would say a different kind of fusion, definitely not the typical Asian fusion. Rouse’s menu brings back memories of the various menus I’ve seen on my many international dining experiences.

We ordered a dish each. We had the Beef Wrapped Asparagus, Chicken Pesto, Crabby Patty and Open-faced roast beef sandwich. And just a note, it is important to state that the Crabby Patty actually uses REAL crab meat and NOT the ever so popular crab meat which is widely used in Singapore!
Loveyly, rustic table decors at Rouse on Dunlop

Lovely, rustic table decors at Rouse on Dunlop


Beef Wrapped Asparagus


Open-faced Roast Beef Sandwich, Chicken Pesto & Crabby Patty (in a clock-wise direction)

We ended our meal with some coffee and I must say their coffee is very ‘Rou-mazing’ – one of the best coffees I’ve ever had in Singapore, not the usual Starbucks or Coffeebean Coffee. Well, as an ex-barista, I am VERY VERY picky when it comes to coffee. Even those big coffee names do not please me most of the time! With a demonstration of ‘latte-art’ skills, the Coffee at Rouse not only looks pretty, but is definitely of really good quality and definitely well frothed milk!

Fantastic coffee at Rouse, one of the best in Singapore!

Fantastic coffee at Rouse, one of the best in Singapore!

If you are after something different for a change, Rouse is located at 36 Dunlop Street, Singapore, Phone: +65 62922642.
UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 2020: This outlet is no longer in operation. 

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