San Diego Zoo is one of the zoos I will always remember visiting for a long, long time. We had heaps of fun looking at the animals. San Diego Zoo is a very lovely Zoo and also a very educational one too. It is an ideal place not only for Kids to be introduced to animals but also good for adults and anyone who wants to get close to flora and fauna.

The fresh air that filled the atmosphere of the Zoo and the sounds of chatters and laughters of the animals filled the air, allowing one to feel so close to nature, despite the man made environment. Going on a ride on the Zoo Bus is so worth it as it saves some energy walking!

 We coupled up our bus ride and being on our feet. Some parts of the Zoo can be a bit hilly but it’s worth the exercise. The Polar Bears are so adorable, not forgetting the Pandas too. The Giraffes stand tall with their beautiful puzzle like yellow-brown colours. The cute Koalas who are constantly asleep somehow attracted constant attention without them even realizing, probably. The Bears – many different species of bears! How adorable! The list just goes on. One just has to name the animal they want to see and then, somewhere on the map, Voila! What you are looking for will be somewhere out there, not too far away!

San Diego Zoo consists of animals from the various regions of the world and filled with so many animals, too many to mention and it’s all done in style – a place I will remember for a long, long time, San Diego Zoo has definitely set a really high standard for other Zoos! Here are some photos of the flora and fauna of San Diego Zoo, a very lovely zoo indeed! Most of the Faunas are lazing around  after lunch so they may look a bit least interested! Nevertheless, an adorable bunch of Faunas they are!

San Diego Zoo Entrance

San Diego Zoo Entrance


The lovely sight of San Diego Zoo


I just love palm trees


King of the Animal Kingdom!


The Grizzly Boys!

Spot the Grizzly Bear

Spot the Grizzly Boy


What a foxy gaze!


Convenience of an outdoor travelator on the slope


Beautiful Giraffe


The Giraffe family


Trying to get up close with a member of the cat family here…


Lamas, a member of the Camelia Family


Lazy, lazy Koala Bear


Beautiful Flamingoes!


Polar Bears, cosy and asleep after lunch…


Ermmmm… Is this the Papa Polar Bear?


Big, big Rhino!


The golden Sun Bear glistening in the sun

 If you are looking to find out more about San Diego Zoo, you may is it them here: Have fun!

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