ssugar1One of the many things I love about being in the US is the concept of cute, lil cafes and some can be quite quirky with an identity of their own. Of late, cafes with such concepts are becoming more and more popular in Singapore, and I must say, each time I visit Singapore, I will somehow spot an eatery or a cafe which would remind me of that one would find in the States. As Coffee/Cafe lovers, it is certainly a wonderful thing to see the Coffee/ Cafe Culture growing tremendously in Singapore. 

J and myself love cafe-hopping. J of course loves his coffee whereas I enjoy the ambience, tea or ice cream (and that occasional coffee 😉 , after having being forced to wean myself off coffee ☹ ) When we passed by A Spoonful of Sugar at Changi Village, I just couldn’t go past it. There was just something about the pretty sign which somehow waved a friendly “Heyyy… come on in….”.

ssugar2 ssugar3

Nevertheless, I was forced to go past it as it was lunchtime and we came back afterwards, after lunch and a nice refreshing walk on the beach. Indeed we returned at the perfect time, you know when you have that feeling of when you need an ice cream or a drink after spending some time on the beach kinda feeling. And A Spoonful of Sugar was just perfect for those kinda moments. They had a huge selection of drinks and ice creams (Yaaaaaay! ♥) The staff were also friendly and very patient (with our indecisiveness) and allowed us to taste the ice creams so we know what we exactly wanted – definitely a plus point!

We had a coffee, a scoop of Mocha Ice Cream and a scoop of Mango Sorbet. (The photo below might not do the ice cream any justice  though) The ice cream was just perfect, unlike those ice creams out there these days, which can be too sweet and all you can taste is the sugar, despite the flavours. As the cakes looked really amazing, me and Maa-ji couldn’t go past the Red Velvet slice, which we got to take away in a cute lil box. As soon as we got home, it was gone before I could even get a photo! Coffee was also reasonably good according to J, I was too busy with my Mango Sorbet to even taste! 



A Spoonful of Sugar is located at Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2072. For more information about their opening hours and bakes, visit their Facebook page here.