I have come to a realization that I have taken my iPhone6 for granted after having a conversation with a friend:

Friend: Is that the new iPhone?

Me: Yep

Friend: Is it good?

Me: Yep

Friend: How good is it?

Me: Quite good – it allows me to keep almost everything in one, 128gb on here

Friend: Wow! Superrrrr!

I smiled. 

Friend went on to say: You know, i’ve been trying to get it. My mom has been trying to get it. My sis too. Long waits everywhere! Canada, US and to pick it up you gotta queue and it’s still out of stock with some providers and there’s a long wait time on the iPhone 6 orders aye!

Me: Oh really?????

And on that same day after the friend left, I happened to pass by the Toronto, Eaton Centre Apple Store and true enough, there was still a queue for the iPhone 6!

I have gone through my fair share of saga in getting the iPhone 6. And because I was just so lazy to physically go to the shops, I actually went ahead with my order online. I decided to have a change in providers (only because I needed reception on the same line when I travel to the Australian Outback) – decided to move on with Telstra from Vodafone. Here’s how the saga began….

Just a few days before the iPhone was released, I signed up with Telstra online and was assured everything was okay, was even sent a confirmation welcome email from Telstra, only for me to find out just a day before the iPhone was released that Telstra had decided to cancel my order due to some identification errors. The same thing happened to the Mister! Very obvious Telstra has some coping issues there!

And so, as my 2.5yr old 4s was already giving me problems, I decided to try my luck with Vodafone as an existing customer. The order went through smoothly and in fact, I received my phone way earlier than the scheduled date – KUDOS to Vodafone and SHAME on Telstra! I was being tossed like a pingpong ball between the Telstra store staff and online Telstra staff who just could not confirm what the issue was with the order. Anyhow, I managed to get my iPhone 6 through Vodafone a week after it was released – September 26th 2014. 

One big issue that has been going around about the iPhone 6 is the crazy bending scares. Firstly, I would say if you give it basic love and care, you will be fine – Why would you purposely bend your phone? So there you go, the whole bending phenomenon can be casted aside. Many out there may be torn between the 6 or 6 plus. 

6 or 6 plus???

I would say, go with your own personal instincts. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself, in case you’re undecided:

1. Would you want a phone that you can somehow slip it into your pocket on some days?

If so, maybe the 6 is a better option as it will fit into pockets more easily. It will be more challenging trying to fit the 6plus into a pocket. 

2. Would it bother you if your phone cannot fit into the smallest purse you own?

Get the 6 if it does bother you because the 6plus would mean a ‘double upsize’ from the current iPhone 5s, hence there may be a possibility, it may not fit into that cute lil purse. 

3. What purpose would you be wanting to use it for (just as a phone function and apps, reading ebooks, surfing the net,watch movies, do ‘everything under one roof’)?

If you’re looking into turning your phone into an e-reader or watch movies, maybe the 6plus will be a better option, only because it is bigger in size, thus offering a larger display. Having said that, the 6 is still somewhat bigger them current iPhone 5s

4. How big a screen would you prefer?

If you are after the biggest screen ever by Apple, then the 6plus would be the way to go. Also, if you already have an iPad, an iPhone 6 plus may not be as useful. Things that cannot be done on the 6 can be done on the iPad, hence, no need for the 6plus. 

5. What type of handling would you prefer – Would you still want to be able to use your phone with one hand?

In particular reference to texting & typing, especially for those multi-taskers, with the iPhone 6, it is still possible to be finding your way with one hand like what you do with the 5s. If you’re one of those who find the 5s already big enough for yourself, then maybe the 6 is a better option as you can still somewhat ‘handle’ the phone with one hand. With the 6plus, you will need an exceptionally big hand to be able to text or type comfortably, or another option with the 6plus, is to place it down on the table before you can type comfortably with one hand. The iPhone 6 plus is more designed for 2-handed use. 

6. For those who always love pairing up with your partner, perhaps, having both phones in the house, may somehow offer an option for “his” and “hers” phone, instead of both parties getting the same phone?

7. How much exactly would you like to spend?

There is a price difference between the two, the 6 being cheaper by $100

8. Does battery life really bother you – are you one of those out there who are constantly battling with the battery life of your device?

The 6plus gives a bit more usage time in between charges as compared to the 6. Nevertheless, both devices have really good battery life – as a heavy iPhone 6 user, I do not have any complaints on the battery life so far.  

 At the end of the day, the choice between the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, is largely dependent on the nature of the user and also the user’s preference. The iPhone 6 has the highlights of one-handed use and cheaper price. As it name goes,  the iPhone 6plus, offers one main plus factor, that is a larger display apart from a slightly longer battery life. Overall, I am enjoying every bit of the 128gb iPhone 6, as it is so physically and technologically convenient to be able to have ‘everything under one roof!’ No more insufficient space issues!


iphone 6 vs iphone 6plus

iphone 6 vs iphone 6plus