Jule is a little gem hidden along the Carlton Street in Downtown Toronto. Recently opened around June 2014, Jule’s drinks list seem to be expanding constantly. If you are looking for a peaceful place to hang out after hours, Jule is the place to be!

One interesting drink at Jule is their Signature drink, the Jule Black Diamond, which tastes like bubble tea BUT according to Jule’s staff members, this Jule Signature drink does not contain any tea or caffeine and only contains the flavours from the infusion of black sugar and milk! This is indeed very suitable for someone like me who has to refrain from caffeine after 3pm! Without a doubt, the Jule Black Diamond is a brilliant yummy drink indeed. 

Other drinks that are on my favourites list would be their ice blendeds and their Black Pearl Milk Tea. Customers can also choose their preferred toppings, level of sweetness and ice levels when purchasing their drinks. As compared to other bubble tea places and tea rooms, Jule has a pleasant, peaceful character of its own and the drinks at Jule’s have their own unique taste. Being at Jule is like being in a gourmet drinks / bubble tea shop! 

Jule's Mango Ice Blended

Jule’s Mango Ice Blended


Jule’s Black Pearl Milk Tea

Jule is located at 20 Carlton Street, Downtown Toronto. Jule is opened from about 1pm till midnight on weekdays and even  later on weekends – perfect hangout place for any night of the week, be it for that social gathering, late night catch up on work or just another hangout place. 

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