If you’re in Toronto and are looking for a place to eat this weekend or for a weekend Iftar this Ramadan, one place to consider is The Burgernator. Of course, as the name goes, The Burgernator does mainly Burgers! But wait! The Burgenator is not just another Burger joint, The Burgernator does their Burgers in style! Look out for the many fancy names when you are at the Burgernator and one tip from my experience: The Names on their Menus  – You can take their word for it!

Located at the Kensington Markets, The Burgernator has a nice ‘fast food’ ambience to it. 

The Burgernator at Kensington Markets

The Burgernator at Kensington Markets


My ‘Drop Down and Give me Spicy’ burger


The Mister’s ‘Fully loaded burger!’

The Burgenator is located at 269 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5T1M5. And you may visit them via their website here.

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