Today, we went to Yorkdale Shopping Center which is about half an hour away from us, via Subway. The mall is lovely, especially for a change from our usual 10minutes away Eaton Centre. I prefer the Yorkdale environment over Eaton Center but i am probably biased because my favourite cafe is there!!! Taaaadaaa…..

Ohhhh Illy is just oh sooo lovely…..The coffees and Shakeratos at Illy Espresso are just a class of its own. Located a level just below the food court, the ambience at the Illy Cafe is rather unique and relaxing for a cafe situated inside a mall. 


There is also Amaya Express for Halal food options at Yorkdale. Amaya express is a chain of Halal Indian Restaurant here in Toronto, food is reasonably good, well-priced, ideal for us when we go to the malls as there is one in almost every shopping mall we’ve been to. Definitely makes food options easy for us!!

We shared the Butter Chicken Roll. It was actually supposed to be wrapped up but we preferred it open and ate it like a platter instead. Can you see the super gigantic Roti that lines the tray?? It’s actually like a gigantic roti prata!!! It’s quite yummy, maybe, next time, we will have it rolled up…nyummm nyummm!!


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