Looking for a beach front location for a short getaway? Thinking of visiting Perth and looking for somewhere to go, not too far away from Perth? Your thoughts are answered – Seashells Resort Mandurah is the place to go! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a weekend stay, overnight stay or even a few weeks stay, Seashells Resort Mandurah would be one of Mandurah’s best choices!seashells1 Located at 16 Dolphin Drive, Mandurah, Seashells Resort Mandurah has lots to boast, from its ambience, beautiful beachy blue surroundings to the facilities it offers. With rooms opening out to relaxing views of the Indian Ocean or the lovely Mandurah Ocean Marina, Seashells Resort Mandurah offers rooms with self contained facilities of a full kitchen. Even if you do not plan on cooking because you are on holiday, it is always convenient to have access to that full kitchen facility, oh and not forgetting laundry facilities too! This is definitely something perfect for a beachfront villa!seashells2seashells3 Guests have a choice from a 1 bedroom Apartment, 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom villa or 2 bedroom villa, depending on how large the travelling party is and also personal preferences between villa or apartments. All villas are located on ground floor and apartments are located throughout the lovely apartment buildings, just like hotel rooms, perhaps with something more.

As we were only there for the weekend, we settled on a 1 bedroom apartment and it was way more than sufficient in terms of meeting our expectations, definitely plenty of room for 2 in a very relaxing ambience. 

Bathroom facilities included a huge jacuzzi Spa tub which we did not end up using as we spent most of our time by the lovely beach. 🙂 Only thing I would say would be it was not easy to have a shower without water splattering out when the shower head is actually a rain shower coming down from the ceiling and the shower area was not protected by any shower curtains or doors. Nevertheless, everything else was perfect!seashells4 seashells5
seashells6 seashells7The two separate areas between the dining and living areas opened up the space nicely to a lovely balcony with the panoramic view of Mandurah’s Ocean Marina. With a pool area that faces the beautiful Indian Ocean, one really couldn’t ask for more! If you are looking for a place for that weekend getaway, Mandurah Seashells Resort Mandurah is Mandurah’s best bet!♥
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